What can we do for you?


Astrochimp is a design and development studio based in New York State.

We specialize in building websites, mobile apps and more.

What we do


Website Development

We can help you get started or update your existing presence. You need a website that works for you and your business.

We can build sites using any of the major no-code tools like Webflow, Framer, Wordpress and more.

Custom Website Development

Sometimes you just need something simple or custom. We use tools like Astro, Next.js and more to build custom sites or web apps.

Search Engine Optimization

Your site needs to be found. We can help you optimize your content and track performance over time. We can help you optimize for obvious and not so obvious search terms. Save on advertising costs by optimizing your website SEO.

Mobile Apps

A mobile app is not so out of reach.

We have years of professional experience in developing mobile apps for iOS and Android.

We can build out a custom mobile app for your business.